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The NEW Adventures of Samson - The Orb of Time Part 1 - Page 1


A somewhat overdue promise...

I know I said a certain comic would be here by the winter of 2011. As I'm sure most of you are aware, it is now 2012. I'm kinda late, I know. But the metaphorical cogs of the creativity train are now fully operational. Let's just say, in the past, there were minor issues, spanners in the works as it were. But now, the works are completely spanner-free. So I am happy to announce that my long overdue comic, The New Adventures of Samson, is now in full swing. Expect the first few pages soon, and the rest will follow.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Due to my atrocious short-term memory loss, I can't remember if I mentioned to you guys that I was going to reboot Monochrome, remember, the one picture I posted of a guy shooting various coloured beams of light into pipes making a rainbow? Yeahh, I didn't think you did. Well anyway, here's a spruced up version of that original concept, with added rainbow and stick-man-ness for extra measure. It should hopefully start up in 2012, and it's a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a story that might just affect the whole of the comic world. You'll see what I mean...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Header extras return!

Much like I usually do, I will make some extras for the header, which will change depending on the occassion. For example, the first notable change will be for Halloween, which seems to be the time of the year that I usually remember to start changing the header.

A giant leap...

There is a possibility that I will soon create a fully-blown website. It will be more focused on Samson and my comics, rather than the random doodlings of Empty Biscuits. If it goes ahead, Empty Biscuits will remain running, but this new site will be the only place to find Samson and other comics of my creation. The reason being that I think the my comics would work better if they were presented in a more dynamic format, and that is only possible if I move away from the somewhat rigid template of blog posts. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for more info on the subject. Until next time!


A random character now, maybe you'll see more of him in the future, but for now just enjoy this picture.