Wednesday, 10 February 2010

SAMSON Star Wars A New Hope - Page 2-3

SAMSON Star Wars A New Hope - Page 1

SAMSON Star Wars A New Hope

For some reason I didn't manage to post this earlier but here is a theatrical poster for the new comic I am making. The comic is going to be a spoof of Star Wars A New Hope using my characters. For anyone who doesn't know who the yellow guy is it's Samson. He will be famous one day! (I hope) - and this will be the only place to find the original comics. For Samson is exclusive to Empty Biscuits.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

2010 the year of the Biscuit.

This year. 2010. I will be starting a load of new series to make you laugh, cry and go insane on the pure randomness this year. So get ready for. Star Wars SAMSON: A New Hope. MONOCHROME as previewed earlier. Crash Bandicoot Characters (old idea? yep. BUT I'm revamping my cartoon style and probably making desktop wallpapers. Because I know how much you love to smear my artistic genius all over your computer screen.) That'll be it for now.


That's right. For anyone that actually pays attention, Empty Biscuits has a brand spanking new header coutesy of Jared and a bit of tweaking from me.