Thursday, 27 October 2011


Due to my atrocious short-term memory loss, I can't remember if I mentioned to you guys that I was going to reboot Monochrome, remember, the one picture I posted of a guy shooting various coloured beams of light into pipes making a rainbow? Yeahh, I didn't think you did. Well anyway, here's a spruced up version of that original concept, with added rainbow and stick-man-ness for extra measure. It should hopefully start up in 2012, and it's a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a story that might just affect the whole of the comic world. You'll see what I mean...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Header extras return!

Much like I usually do, I will make some extras for the header, which will change depending on the occassion. For example, the first notable change will be for Halloween, which seems to be the time of the year that I usually remember to start changing the header.

A giant leap...

There is a possibility that I will soon create a fully-blown website. It will be more focused on Samson and my comics, rather than the random doodlings of Empty Biscuits. If it goes ahead, Empty Biscuits will remain running, but this new site will be the only place to find Samson and other comics of my creation. The reason being that I think the my comics would work better if they were presented in a more dynamic format, and that is only possible if I move away from the somewhat rigid template of blog posts. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for more info on the subject. Until next time!


A random character now, maybe you'll see more of him in the future, but for now just enjoy this picture.

Kingdom Hearts Link

I was recently looking at some of my old Kingdom Hearts Nintendo crossovers, and thought I'd try my hand at a Legend of Zelda themed one. So here's Link, in Kingdom Hearts garb. More stuff coming soon, I'm still working on the new Samson comic, so don't lose hope, I'm also developing a spin-off pop-up book which is one of a kind, so when that's finished I'll post some pictures of it up on here. But until then, keep checking in on the Facebook page for any news.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Facebook convenience!

Empty Biscuits has now violently trodden its way into the vast netherspace of Facebook. I'm sure many of you would much rather casually check out whether there is anything new on Empty Biscuits whilst liking and commenting on your chums' status. So I decided to make Empty Biscuits more accessible to the general public, by making a page just for this blog. So now, instead of having to come here just to check if there is anything new, you can just check out the page on Facebook for updates. Convenient eh? The URL is below...!/pages/Empty-Biscuits/235172576530205

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


If you're still regaining your breath from the last piece of Samson art, then look away now, because here we have some artwork taken from the latest Samson series. As I said before, keep checking in on Empty Biscuits because the first few pages of the new Samson comic will be uploaded soon, and I will strive to post one every week once I begin. Until next time...


Here we have the cover for my latest endeavour into the world of comics. The Adventures of Samson is in its very basic form a retelling of the original Samson comic, which was drawn on scrap paper in school, back when I was 12. One day I will post the original up here as a homage to my creation but at the moment I am focusing on more or less a reboot. The story is by no means Samson's first adventure, but that little plot will come to light later in the series. It begins with the Great Elder telling Samson that the Orb of Time, a precious artefact amongst the people of Doodleville, has been stolen by the evil sorcerer Diminio. Samson sets off to retrieve the orb, but gets much more than he bargained for. Stay tuned on Empty Biscuits for the new online comic, but for now, enjoy this dark moody cover.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Zen v.s Zen

Just a quick post now to fill the gap in between now and September, I thought you might like to see a shocking comparison between the kind of scribbly doodles of the days of old Empty Biscuits, and the new, spangly top notch drawings of the recent Empty Biscuits era. Here we have the original Zen the Chameleon, pitted against the new reincarnation of one of my all time favourites.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Joe Swanson - Colossus

Now we have the final character in the crossover, Joe as Colossus. I could have made Joe Professor X as he is in a wheelchair so it would have translated a lot easier, but for the sake of doing the X-Men and Brotherhood using the same characters I made Stewie Professor X. But yeah that wraps up the whole Family Guy: X-Men saga, but don't fear because there is going to be lots more Family Guy action here on Empty Biscuits, and trust me, it will be truly MAGICAL.

Cleveland Brown - Iceman

Now we have the coolest guy in the... place where... cool guys are... kept? Cleveland as Iceman.

Glenn Quagmire - Nightcrawler

Finally the last of our blue characters we have Quagmire as Nightcrawler. That's pretty much it really.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Coming Soon...

Coming soon as a new addition to the Family Guy X-Men Saga we have....

Glenn Quagmire as Nightcrawler

Cleveland Brown as Iceman

Joe Swanson as Colossus

Family Guy Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Final Image

Here is the final image for the 'Familyhood' of Evil Mutants. Enjoy.

Family Guy X-Men Final Image

Here is the final piece for Family Guy X-Men or X-Guy as I have ingeniously dubbed it. Feel free to use it as a desktop wallpaper, I mean, who better to protect your documents than the X-Men.

(Warning - This picture, despite how awesome it is, is in fact not capable of protecting data. Empty Biscuits is not responsible for loss of documents, data or limbs whilst using this picture, I would recommend a reliable anti-virus software for that job)

Stewie Griffin - Magneto

Finally, well I say finally, this is the last one of this particular batch, we have Stewie as Magneto. Best friend AND worst enemy of Professor X, yeah, I don't know how either.

Brian Griffin - Sabretooth

We have Brian as Sabretooth now, but don't worry, he might look scary in his yellow spandex and fluffy collar - wait a minute, this guy isn't fearsome at all.

Chris Griffin - Pyro

Now we have Chris as Pyro, the guy who plays with fire. You see what I did there, what with him being able to manipulate fire and all ... moving on.

Lois Griffin - Mystique

Here we have Lois, as the leather clad shapeshifter, Mystique. Not really much witty stuff to say about this one, apart from the fact that she is the second blue character, but still not the last.

Peter Griffin - Quiksilver

Peter as Quiksilver. A guy blessed with the ability to run at lightning speeds, and he also has white hair, ok so maybe white hair at a young age isn't much of a blessing, but he still looks pretty cool. Although, for a guy who runs everywhere, he's still in pretty bad shape...

Stewie Griffin - Professor Xavier

My personal favourite, not entirely sure why, Stewie as Professor X. That pretty much wraps up the X-Men. But coming soon, very soon, is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Keep on your guard, they'll be arriving here on Empty Biscuits sooner than you know...

Brian Griffin - Beast

Here is Brain as Beast. The first blue character in this crossover, but by no means the last.

Chris Griffin - Cyclops

Chris Griffin. Son of Lois. Cyclops. Love interest of Jean Grey. A family psychiatrist is crying somewhere.

Lois Griffin - Jean Grey/Phoenix

Here we have Lois as Jean Grey, or Phoenix as someone somewhere once called her, I'm not entirely sure which one is her official superhero name, but I guess it's best not to dwell on minor details. On with the show!

Peter Griffin - Wolverine

Here is the first of many, Peter Griffin as Wolverine. Eagle eyed viewers will notice he has no pupils and, before you begin to question my knowledge of the human body, all of these characters are based on the original comic versions, and for some reason, Wolverine had no pupils, so, now that I'm cleared of all charges, enjoy the rest of the X-Men characters in glorious Family Guy incarnations.

Family Guy X-Men Crossover

I will post some Family Guy X-Men characters soon, so keep your eyes, ears and other sensory organs peeled for the first snippet of mutant, superhero, cartoon creativity.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

100th Post!

Yes, that's right, this is indeed the 100th post of Empty Biscuits. To celebrate I have made a new header featuring the poster boy of Empty Biscuits, Samson. Now I raise a metaphorical glass to the next 100 posts, and to the future.

Friday, 5 August 2011

One small step away...

The next post I make will be the 100th post of Empty Biscuits. So to commemorate this momentous occasion that the whole world will by celebrating, I have decided to make a new header, so... here's to the future, whatever it may bring...

In the Pipeline...

August 2011 -

Family Guy X-Men
New Header
100th Post
Family Guy Mario

Friday, 24 June 2011

More Family Guy stuff...

I will soon do a Family Guy Mario crossover and possibly an X-Men one too. Also if anyone has any requests I will see what I can do.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Family Guy Nintendo Crossover

Another Family Guy Crossover, this time, as promised, Nintendo. This basically merges the iconic Nintendo characters with those from Family Guy.
Peter - Mario
Chris - Link
Brian - Donkey Kong
Stewie - Kirby
Lois - Metroid

In the Pipeline...

This is a new section I will try do do at the beginning of every month. It will show my plans for the month ahead and a few sneak peaks for the near future.

In the Pipeline for June 2011 -

- Family Guy Nintendo Crossover
- Samson Sneak Peak


Yes, last (for now) but certainly not least, is Dingodile. The flamethrower wielding mutant crocodile-dog hybrid. Also he has an Australian accent. Do evil nemesis' get any more creative?


Pura, the preferred mode of transport for excitable bandicoot girls.


As you can tell by his name, he is a very bland character. Infact I don't think he deserves that exclamation mark after his name in the title. Ahh well too late.

Penta Penguin

Penta Penguin. That's about it really.

The Evil Twins!

The Evil Twins, the dimension tearing, fishbowl wearing, people scaring mutant budgies. Wow.


N.Gin, the chubby, missile-headed captain of a jolly bunch of pirates. Can it get much better? You bet because coming soon, very soon infact, we have The Evil Twins.

Crunch Bandicoot!

The Mr.T of the Crash Bandicoot Universe. Crunch Bandicoot is here! N.Gin is up next.

Uka Uka!

The evil twin of Aku Aku. 'Nuff said.

Doctor Neo Cortex!

Number 3 in the new series of Crash Bandicoot characters. Neo Cortex! Enjoy... should be Crunch or Uka Uka next.

Aku Aku!

Deja vu anyone? Well here's the new and improved Aku Aku.

Crash Bandicoot!

OK, I know what you might be thinking. 'Again with the Crash Bandicoot?' and that is understandable considering that this IS the third attempt at this. But this time I have nailed a style for this series of drawings, I've already completed lots of characters and I have more in the pipeline so hopefully third time lucky. So without further ado let's begin with Crash.

Family Guy Doctor Who - Series 6

Here is another series of Family Guy Crossovers. Again, based on Doctor Who.
Peter Griffin - The 11th Doctor
Lois Griffin - Amy Pond
Chris Griffin - Rory Williams
Stewie Griffin - The Silence
Brian Griffin - The Judoon
I might do some more of other characters depending on feedback but I am working on a possible Family Guy Nintendo Crossover, so until next time... ciao.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Zen (again)

Back by popular demand, Zen, the chameleon is back from the depths of terrible drawing hell, after a quick revival, which has left him looking better than ever.

This drawing is dedicated to Charlotte, who ispired me to bring him back to life.

Monday, 7 February 2011


Saturday, 5 February 2011


Whilst in New York, I was inspired to draw a tribute to the greatest superhero of all time...