Saturday, 23 January 2010

Chris Griffin - Slitheen

Well I've got to say it doesn't really resemble Chris at all, BUT if it did then I wouldn't have done it right. Because... Slitheen don't look like fat blonde americans. AND before you say it Jared I know Slitheen have three fingers not four.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Joe Swanson - Davros

This one, went very well in my opinion. The fact that Joe Swanson is a cripple and is always seen in a wheel-chair added to the comedy side of this drawing. I like this drawing a lot.

Stewie Griffin meets Doctor Who

I wasn't OVERLY happy with the result of this picture. This is Stewie Griffin as a Cyberman. The need to make it noticeable as Stewie meant keeping his features the same. So this meant that the eyes needed to be the same size as usual. MEH it's alright I guess.


Carrying on from the Family Guy collaboration we have.... FAMILY GUY DOCTOR WHO! Here we have the first of the series; Peter Griffin as The Tenth Doctor. (This mini-series is dedicated to my good friend Jared)